Browns and Matt Flynn

14 Mar

The Browns are apparently trying to sign Matt Flynn.  I am not quite sure if this is a smart decision.  However at least if they get a quaterback they can concentrate on other important needs in the draft.  I would take Justin Blackmon if he is there at 4, and either add another top 5 wideout at 22 unless of course Richardson is still there.  You would still have the option to go offensive line with the 4th pick in round 2 or add either a rb or wideout based on what you did with the first 2 picks.  Rg3 would have been tempting but if you go offense heavy with these first three picks it will allow whatever qb is there to have a fair shot.  And lets not forget we still have three more picks before the end of the fourth round to add more defensive talent to a young talented D!